Pastor's Corner

Sunday, May 26, is Heritage Sunday, a time to

reflect upon and learn about the long and rich

history of the Presbyterian Church. Heritage

Sunday falls on the Sunday closest to the date of

the first General Assembly of the Presbyterian

Church in Philadelphia, PA, 1789. This is the

closest we have to a "birth-date" as Presbyterians.

On Heritage Sunday we will also celebrate our

church, First Presbyterian Church in Clinton. For

161 years, First Pres. has continued to serve the

Clinton Community. The location has remained

within a few blocks of its origin. In the 150th

Anniversary booklet, we are reminded that the

ministry and mission of our church began in 1858.

Clinton residents wrote a letter to the Presbytery

"We believe that the interest of Christ's Kingdom

and our own spiritual welfare would be promoted

by the organization of a Presbyterian Church in

this place." James H. Kennedy and Samuel Scott

were elected as the first Elders. And the rest as

they say is history, Whether worshiping in a

frame building until 1926 or lifting voices in praise

at our current building, our church never stopped

sharing the Good News of the Gospel in Word and

deed in our church, our neighborhoods and

around the world.

What is your favorite memory; the 1981 Jubilee

service or the 2007 Hog Roast? Maybe you

remember with fondness the Dirty Deeds project

or Singspiration Sundays.

I discovered these memories and many more in

the Memories booklet published in 2008. With the

turn of each page I want to learn more about the

ant that kept Don Kaiser from concentrating in

church because that ant walked around and

around a big hat on the head of a church lady

sitting in front of him. Sherry Himes' story of

"creatively" drawing a camel with three humps as

a Sunday School project for Christmas makes me

smile. With the turning of these pages and many

more, the heritage of the church unfolds.

As Raymond Hartner writes in the Memories

booklet, The smiles and whole-hearted hugs that

I get from our church ladies and kids solidify the

fact that we are a church, a family in Christ. That

is the most special thing of all."

As we prepare for Heritage Sunday, May 26,

please search for historical pictures, articles or

artifacts that we can display in fellowship hall.

And make some telephone calls. In the short time

I've been your pastor, I regularly hear the

comment, "They used to come to church, I don't

know why they don't come anymore." Let's

welcome home our Presbyterian friends and

family back to church on this special day.