The organizational design of Presbyterian Women is based on the following principles:  Value of persons, Spiritual development and growth, Supporting the mission of the church, Community life, Membership, Open Communication, Flexibility and Giving. 

The Naomi Ruth Circle is the only Presbyterian Women Circle in the Clinton Church.  Meetings are held once a month, September through June, usually at the church at 1:30 PM on the first Friday of each month.  At the Circle's annual meeting, election of officers is held and a program on missions is given.

The Naomi Ruth Circle wishes to thank everyone for their generosity in the collection of items for the FESTIVAL of Sharing. Due to your generosity, during August and September, we collected materials for 42 “Readin’ and Writin’ Packs”, 300 pounds of garden seeds, $100 in cash and 20 pairs of discarded eye glasses.

Hygiene Items for Little Girls in Africa

Another successful "Girls in Africa" personal hygiene project was completed in February with the shipment of 1048 items to Michigan for delivery this summer to African villages.

This years project began in October with a cutting and tearing workday.  Flannel sheets and mattress pads donated by the Thrift Shop were prepared for sewing into hygiene items by volunteers.  Finished pads were pinned and packed last month.  Shipping and safety pin costs are paid by the Women's Association and are the only out of pocket expenses for this project.

Since 2015 our church volunteers have made over 2700 hygiene items available to girls in African villages.  Thanks to the Thrift Shop for donated supplies and to everyone who has volunteered their time and sewing talent to this mission project.

Pin and pack day for "Little Girls in Africa" project.  We appreciate the hard work all these ladies do for missions.

You are also invited to join our monthly "Working Women's Fellowship"  on the third Thursday of each month.  Please call the church office to see where we are meeting each month.