Kevin's Thoghts

  Is there anything more representative of lifelessness than a dried out skull of a cow?  It is a symbol of the deserty West, where desiccated tumbleweeds blow and choking dust fills your nostrils, where even the cactus barely ekes out an existence.  We use the skull and crossbones for pirates’ ships to indicate danger, and the same symbol to represent poison.  People hang out fake skeletons around Halloween to frighten. 

     So, when the prophet Ezekiel is taken to a valley of dry human bones in Ezekiel 37, it must have been a frightful place.  But God showed Ezekiel that even out of those dry dusty bones, through his power, life could and would re-emerge.  In the most hopeless and lifeless situations, God can always bring new life and resurrection.  God brings life where there was death, light where there was darkness, joy where there were tears. 

     At our Sunday 10:30 am service on December 10, we will welcome guest preacher Mari Lyn Jones, who will be talking about how those dry bones in Ezekiel fit in with our waiting for Christmas.  Grace happens, by God!