Kevin's Thoughts


In my experience, no matter how much planning you do for a wedding, something always goes wrong.  You just hope that the guests don’t notice.  I was performing an outdoor wedding a few years ago.  The ringbearer, a young child of about 3 years old, walked forward down a long gravel path.  Before he got to the seated guests, I saw him drop the rings into the gravel.  Fortunately someone was watching and they were able to find the rings and he came forward without further incident – but it could have been a real problem.

    And sometimes things happen where everyone knows the problem.  My wife and I were to have a beautiful outdoor wedding in a rose garden, but there were flooding rains that day and we were lucky just to be able to make it to the reception area.   There we hastily made an “aisle” between the chairs and tables for my bride-to-be to walk down.  In our wedding photos, water in trickling down the stone walls.  We laugh about that now, but it was a big deal then.  Yes, something always goes wrong during a wedding.  

    At our Sunday 10:30 am service on January 14 we will hear about another wedding, and something going wrong:  the wedding reception is about to run out of wine.  Jesus’ mom notes this and asks here son to do something about it, and we get Jesus’ well-known story about turning water into wine.  But really, was that a one-time sign, or should we look deeper into the details and try to read another meaning as well?  Why was his first miracle not one of healing but one of covering up for someone who did not have enough wine for his guests at a wedding?  And what does that have to do with us?  Grace happens, by God!